Brazilian Butt Lift

A buttocks lift, often referred to as a Brazillian butt lift, is a cosmetic surgery that targets the buttocks. If you feel your buttocks are not as defined as you want them to be, you may benefit from this surgery.


Like all surgeries performed under general anaesthesia, refraining from smoking and consuming large quantities of alcohol will reduce risks. So we advise you to maintain healthier habits before your surgery.

First, the clinic will book a consultation with you to discuss your expectations and medical history.

As more information implies a better outlook, your doctor will heed your every word and determine if you are ideal for the surgery. So, please communicate your expectations, concerns, reasons and medical history as thoroughly as possible.

He or she will also carry out a physical exam, the results of which will determine if your health is conducive to a smooth surgery. Then, if you are a suitable candidate, an ideal surgery date will be booked.

For more information on preparation, please refer to the headline “Preparation for Surgical Cosmetic procedures”.

The doctor will provide you with an additional preparation plan tailored to your specifications.



A butt-lift surgery is essentially a fat-grafting one. After you are put under general anaesthesia, the surgeon will perform the liposuction technique to remove fat from certain areas of your body, which may or may not be the regions you feel are too plump.

Note: For smaller-scale butt-lift surgeries, the surgeon may opt for local anaesthesia.

Then, once the fat the surgeon removed is processed, he or she will begin the injecting process.

Finally, the surgeon will stitch the incisions and bandage both the area where Liposuction was performed and the buttocks.

The procedure can take anywhere from two hours to five hours, depending on the patient.

Recovery and results

For the first few weeks, you will not be able to sit on your buttocks as not only can it compromise your results, but it can also lead to infections.

Even though the chances of being infected are pretty slim, we advise patients not to be complacent during the crucial first few weeks after the surgery.

You will need rest during the first few weeks, so it is best to take time off from work and refrain from strenuous activity.

The surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive guide on attaining the best results and aid your recovery. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Weight fluctuations can affect results, so it is best to keep a healthy diet regimen after the surgery (and exercise several weeks later).

A Brazillian butt lift is performed using very fine syringes, so, unlike a silicone-implant surgery, you will not see any scarring.

Celebrities who have had a Butt Lift

  • Sarah Harris (Model)
  • Kailyn Lowry (Teen Mom 2)
  • The Kardashians (Disclaimer: These are rumours flamed further by experienced surgeons)
  • Virginia Gallardo (Super Model)

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