Breast enlargement with Aquafilling gives the treated area a very natural appearance. As before, the breast tissue will be natural. Furthermore, this material remains steady and does not split or injure tissues. It also has no effect on the milk ducts or nipples.

Breast Enlargement without Surgery is also the most preferred surgery for many patients because it provides a natural texture and appearance. Because it is compatible with the tissues and does not damage them, and the surgery does not require any incisions. Breast Augmentation with Aquafilling is also a low-cost procedure with long-term results.

Who is Eligible for Breast Enlargement without Surgery?

Breast Enlargement without Surgery is an option for people who do not have infections or major defects in the treated area.


Before the operation, the surgeon will interview with the patient to discuss the expected results. This procedure is easier than other breast enlargement procedures, so it does not require as much preparation. The doctor decides which areas need to be treated before starting the procedure.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The time varies from patient to patient, but it usually lasts between 15 and one hour. During the procedure, a needle with a diameter of 0.5-1 mm is used to inject the Aquafilling. These needles are painless, and the results are fantastic.

This operation is carried out under the following conditions:

> Enlarging the breast by one or two degrees

> Eliminate minor sagging

> Correcting asymmetrical breasts

> To enlarge and lift the breast without surgery


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