Bichectomy, also called buccal fat removal, is a procedure in which the surgeon removes fat through an oral incision. The fat is then removed to transform the patient’s face, however possible, from a rounded to a more oval shape.


Even though the surgery is minimally invasive, surgeons sometimes use general anaesthesia. However, at times, sedation and local anaesthesia are used to carry out the operation.
On average, the procedure lasts for around an hour and is usually combined with other surgeries.


Your doctor will inform you about what you can do to prepare for the surgery. At Este Pro, a highly professional team is always on standby if you have any questions or concerns.

During your consultation, the doctor will conduct a physical exam and ask you, in detail, about your medical history. Staff will photograph your cheeks from different angles, and the doctor will utilise these images to determine how the surgery can reach your goals and give you natural-looking results. 

As with most operations, surgeons advise against smoking at least three weeks before the surgery date, as it can counteract the desired results and lengthen recovery periods. 

Your doctor will request that you resolve any dental issues before the surgery, for the procedure is carried out through the oral region.

The surgeon always provides a concise pre-procedure guide to help you understand what will be done and what is best for you.


The procedure is not as invasive as other cosmetic surgeries, and patients only report minimal discomfort.

Your surgeon will guide your recovery and inform you about what you need to do to attain the best results and speed recovery. 

The stitches self dissolve, so you do not have to remove them.

Any bruising and swelling begins to reduce from the third day to the second month.

Surgeons usually advise patients to refrain from daily activities for two days, but this can vary depending on the person. 

The results of the operation begin to be really visible between four-six weeks after the surgery. 

FAQs About Bichectomy

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