Age begins to cause saggy skin as time chips away at the proteins vital to our skin’s health. Unfortunately, the eyebrows are not an exception, but they can be partially reversed.

A brow lift refers to a set of procedures designed to rejuvenate and lift the eyebrows. There are three techniques a surgeon can use to perform a brow lift: Endoscopic, Botox and Ultherapy. The type of brow lift procedure deployed by the surgeon depends on the patient’s individual needs, goals and specifications.


Endoscopic brow lift

Many cosmetic surgeries are invasive, but the endoscopic brow lift technique is less so. Many surgeons prefer this technique because, besides its relative speed, it does not leave scarring.

People opt for treatment to re-align asymmetrical eyebrows, re-structure them, treat abnormalities or improve their overall look. Most patients have this surgery in tandem with other cosmetic procedures.

Before the procedure, the doctor will conduct a physical examination and ask you questions about your medical history, medications, past injuries and goals. He or she will advise you on what you can do to prepare for the procedure, and a professional will take photographs of your eyebrows from different angles at the clinic.


Endoscopic brow surgeries can be performed under general or local anaesthesia with sedation. In both cases, you will not feel pain. But in the latter, you will feel the area is being operated on, and you will be awake. The surgery lasts approximately one-two hours.  

To carry out the procedure, a surgeon uses an endoscopic instrument with a tiny camera to make an incision behind the hairline. He or she then adjusts the brow’s alignment, which gives the surgeon a high degree of control, leading to improved symmetry. During the process, the surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue. 


Your surgeon will provide you with the necessary step to aid your recovery and a detailed summary of what to expect. The recovery time is approximately 10-14 days, and the results begin to be visible several months later when you make a complete recovery. 

Botox brow lift

Botox relaxes the muscles beneath the area it is administered into, which smooths the outer layer of your skin. Following this procedure, the muscle on your forehead moves up, effectively elevating your eyebrows. The process can simultaneously smooth wrinkles as well.

Just like a dermal filler, botox does not require incisions and therefore minimally invasive.

Before preparing for your procedure, the doctor will advise you on the medications you shouldn’t take before a specific period prior to your appointment date. After that, the process will be comfortable, and you will be out of the clinic within minutes. 

Intravenous anaesthesia is not used during the procedure. Instead, the doctor will apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the region being injected.

The results are almost instant, and the final look will be present by the end of the firsts week.


Ultherapy incorporates the latest technology in cosmetic surgery to restore the structural integrity of the skin. The procedure entails smoothing wrinkles on your forehead and tightening the skin around the region, which foists the top eyelid into a place that reminds you of your former years. The process takes around 60 to 90 minutes, and you can return to daily activities, although some surgeons advise being mindful of where you are moving the forehead. The results will begin to appear within the first month, and, finally, the full, youthful appearance will be visible by the 18th month.

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