Cosmetic lip surgery

Cosmetic lip lift surgery is best described as a lip enhancement procedure that changes the fullness and shape of the lips. Some people choose lip surgery for aesthetic reasons, while others aim to correct congenital abnormalities. 

There are several procedures a surgeon can use to give you the desired results. The main ones are the following:

Lip-lift surgery: In this procedure, the surgeon narrows the space between the top lip and the nose. The surgery aims to push the pink tissue forward, which gives the lips a fuller look. 
Based on the patients’ physical health, specifications, and goals, the surgeon can use several techniques to perform a lip-lift surgery. 

> Direct lip-lift: A surgeon will remove the strip of skin from the upper lip and pull it upwards.

> Subnasal bullhorn: One of the most common lip surgeries is the subnasal bullhorn. The surgeon performs an incision in the shape of a bullhorn on the base of the patient’s nose. Then, the lip is pulled towards the nose.

> Central lip lift: The only real difference between this technique and the bullhorn is that the surgeon makes the incision on the lower lip. 

> Corner lip lift (grin lift): For people who feel like they have downward lips, the corner lip lift is a good option. The surgeon makes two incisions on the corner of the mouth before removing some skin. This operation is often referred to as the “grin lift” because it gives the lips a ‘smiling look.

Italian lip lift: During this procedure, two incisions are made below the nostril. The rest of the surgery is similar to that of the bullhorn.

These surgeries are usually performed under general anaesthesia and take approximately 30 minutes to an hour. 

As with any surgery, lip-lift procedures come with their potential risks. These include scarring, blood loss during surgery and adverse reaction to anaesthesia. However, these are rare, and your surgeon will give you a detailed summary of the recovery process and potentialities. Please ask the surgeon, clinic or any of the advisors about side effects and risks. 

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