The basic principle of bariatric surgery is to limit food intake and reduce the absorption of food in the stomach and intestines. The digestive process begins in the mouth, where food is chewed and mixed with saliva and other enzyme-containing secretions. The food reaches the stomach and is integrated with digestive juices to absorb nutrients and calories.

Bariatric surgery is designed to alter or interrupt this digestive process so that food is not broken down and absorbed normally. Reducing the amount of nutrients and calories absorbed allows patients to lose weight and reduce their risk for obesity-related health risks or ailments. This article will mainly consider Myths about Bariatric Surgery and inform you about known mistakes.


Here are 5 significant false facts (Myths) thought about obesity.

1-) “Obesity Cannot Be Treated.”

Many people think there is no cure for obesity, but this is a misconception. Your weight is measured first, and your health status is checked in the clinic that you will consult. Then, the appropriate obesity treatment is started according to the age and weight of the patient. If the patient’s condition does not have an urgency that does not require surgery, weight is controlled with diets.


2-) “Everything Will Be OK After Bariatric Surgery.”

If you think you will get rid of all your problems after the obesity surgery, you are wrong. The actual process begins now. To lose weight after the surgery, you need to make diets under the control of a dietician. Change your eating habits entirely and start your life again. Also, do exercise while taking care of your diet. So you can keep your weight in balance. All it takes is effort!


3-) “Bariatric Surgery Destroys the Pleasure of Eating.”

If you think you will have very painful days after the surgery, you are wrong. Eating pleasure does not disappear due to surgery. Just because your stomach shrinks, your appetite will be less and it will be easier to get away from meals. In short, your meal portions are reduced, not your food pleasure.


4-) “Obesity Surgery Shortens Your Life.”

Obesity surgeries are no more dangerous than any surgery. However, in recent years, obesity surgeries are frequently performed by surgeons who are not experienced in this field can lead to death. However, an experienced doctor makes obesity surgery a very safe operation. In addition, bariatric surgery is a form of treatment that extends to your life up to 10 years and rescues you from many diseases that will cause excess weight in the future.


5-) “Vaccine Will Be Found Soon”

Postponing the treatment of obesity with the thought that a vaccine will be found soon increases the danger. Because the obesity can be caused by many reasons, not just one reason as thought. There will be no magical cure for obesity, such as vaccines or drugs in the near feature.

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