Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The lower portion of the upper arm tends to sag as we age or lose a considerable amount of weight. That is something an arm lift surgery can change. A Brachioplasty is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the appearance of droopy skin on the upper arm.


We highly recommend adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly to tighten loose skin before the surgery.
A healthier lifestyle will not only improve your appearance but make the surgery recovery period easier and positively affect your results.

Before your surgery, the clinic will book a consultation designed to discuss your goals and medical history. During the initial consultation, the doctor will conduct a physical exam.

If the doctor believes you’re a good candidate for the procedure, he or she will book an ideal surgery date.

For better results, a smoother procedure and a more comfortable recovery period, we advise against smoking and consuming large quantities of alcohol in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

The doctor will give you detailed instructions on what you can do for the betterment of the surgery.



Sometimes, the surgeon may prefer performing the procedure under general anaesthesia, where you will be completely asleep. But most of the time, local anaesthesia is preferred.

First, the areas of the incisions will be marked.  Then, the surgeon will make incisions on the lower part of the upper arm. Then, he or she will remove the excess skin and stitch the skin when they feel confident the results resemble your desired outcome.

Finally, the surgeon will bandage your arms to protect the incision points from infection and keep the results intact.

The whole surgery can take anywhere from one to four hours, varying from patient to patient.

Post-Surgery and Results

We advise that you refrain from strenuous activity for the first five-eight weeks after the surgery and avoid hoisting your arm above your shoulder. The more you care for how you move your arms, the better your results will be.

After the surgery, the surgeon, doctor and healthcare professionals will provide you with comprehensive information on what you can do to best aid your recovery. Please do not hesitate to ask any question, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

You will begin to see the final results on the six-month mark. As the weeks pass, your arms become more toned. However, your dietary choices and habits also affect the results. So, please try and keep healthy as much as possible.

The results are long-lasting. However, we have to remember the skin will become loose as we age. So, ten years down the line, your arms may not resemble the initial results.

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