Stomach botox, or otherwise known as gastric botox, is a non-surgical treatment of obesity.  The process consists of applying botox injection (a toxin called Botulinum) to the smooth surface of the stomach. It results in limited contraction of stomach muscles and longer stomach emptying time, which makes the patient feel less hungry, and the feeling of satiety continues for a longer period.

The substance used in this procedure has no side effects or causes any damage to the stomach tissues. (with the exception of patients sensitive and alergic to botox, or patients with stomach muscle diseases).

Stomach Botox Procedure

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Who Can Be Eligible for Stomach (Gastric) Botox?

> It is a good option for people who are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise.

> This procedure can be applied to patients with Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25-35, after careful medical examinations.

> Those who have a BMI higher than 40, and would benefit from an obesity surgery, are not eligible for stomach botox. This treatment can be ideal for patients with excessive weight (approx 10 to 20 kg) but not extremely obese ones.

Advantages of Stomach Botox

> Stomach botox is not a surgical procedure. It is a procedure that is performed entirely endoscopically by entering the mouth.

> No incision, no hospitalization. The entire process takes about 20-30 minutes.

> During the procedure, the patients are sedated by an anesthesiologist.

> Following the procedure, 1-2 hours of observation is enough.

> Quick effect on appetite (in approx 3 days, patients begin seeing the effect)

After The Procedure

Within 3-6 months, patients are expected to lose 10-15 percent of their overall weight. The amount of weight lost; it varies from person to person depending on age, metabolic rate, and exercise frequency.

Miracles should not be expected from any treatment. After the botox process, attention should be paid to nutrition. It should not be fed with foods containing too much fat and carbohydrates such as fast food after stomach botox. By adapting to a healthy diet program as much as possible, maximum benefit can be obtained from the botox process.

If you have excessive weight and it is a significant concern for you, please contact our professional patient consultants at Este Pro Clinic, and get individual assistance. We will provide you information about the possible treatment options, and guide you throughout the process from the beginning till the end.

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